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Via ferrata experience

Via Ferrata Tour near Barcelona


Mosaic Workshop

Discover the Gaudi’s mosaic “Trencadís”


Gràcia Tapas Tour

Gastronomic route in Barcelona


Born Tour

El Born, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Barcelona

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Have you still not been to Barcelona? Every year, millions of international tourists come from all over the world, attracted by the many wonders that can be found in the city. With its architectural and natural beauty, its culture, its gastronomy, its shops and nightlife… all of these make Barcelona one of the best valued cities in the world. In fact, new tourists tend to come back, because you will never get tired of Barcelona as it has so much to offer. At The Barcelonian, our tour guides in Barcelona offer individual tours and packages for different types of visitors.

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Wine & Cava Experience

Wine and Cava Tour in Penedès (Barcelona)

3 Days - First Timers in Barcelona

Special 3-day itinerary for First Timers in Barcelona

1-Day Wine & Cava Experience

Wine and Cava Tour near Barcelona

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Where you will be ...

Catalonia , Madrid, Basque Country, or Andalusia !

Catalonia is a region in the northeast of Spain. It has a culture of its own, unique traditions and cuisine , even its own language! It is known for its beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava as well as the Pyrenees Mountains .

Madrid, Spain's central capital, is a city of elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro. It’s renowned for its rich repositories of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters.

Basque Country (Euskadi) is an autonomous community in northern Spain with strong cultural traditions, a celebrated cuisine and a distinct language that pre-dates the Romance languages.

Andalusia is a large autonomous region of hills, rivers and farmland bordering Spain’s southern coast. It was under Moorish rule from the 8th-15th centuries, a legacy that shows in its architecture, including such landmarks as the Alcázar castle in Seville, the capital city, as well as Córdoba’s Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral and Granada’s Alhambra palace

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Activities for all tourists

From first timers who have never been to Barcelona before, to those making return visits and want to know the hidden secrets of the city or are interested in seeing the authentic side of Barcelona. The Barcelonian offers unique gastronomic experiences, volunteering options and outdoor activities. We also pride ourselves on our going the extra mile to make Barcelona accessible to all through our wheelchair accessible tour.

By areas and architecture

The stunning architecture of Barcelona is one of the aspects which seems to have the biggest impact on visitors. Most famous for its Modernism period, Barcelona is steeped in history. In the Gothic Quarter you will come across buildings that date back 2,000 years. Its contemporary architecture is second to none, with impressive sites which have now become famous landmarks of this exciting city. Barcelona is also full of street art, sculptures and important galleries.

For lovers of gastronomy

Catalonia is a gastronomic paradise. Its gastronomy is known to be locally produced, traditional, creative, and innovative. All this, with an endless love of fine-dining culture makes Catalonia a great place for food lovers. If you have come to Barcelona attracted by the gastronomy of this city, you can not miss our special tours for gastronomy lovers.

Visit Barcelona with our tour guides

At The Barcelonian, we have everything you need to make your vacation unforgettable. Our team of local tour guides will be happy to assist you and help you at any time. As a family, as a couple, with friends, by yourself… Barcelona is a city made to live and enjoy it. Get to know its buildings, its gastronomy, its nature, its coast, its people… You will not regret it!


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20 September 2022
29 August 2022
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