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The year is 2013, and Barcelona is at one of its highest peaks in tourism. Tourist buses are starting to overcrowd most of Antoni Gaudí’s sites and tour groups have swarmed the narrow streets of the Gothic quarter. Meanwhile, two close friends are brainstorming ideas of a new project. One of them is an expat who has been discovering the beauty of the city by foot- walking through numerous neighborhoods in Barcelona, enjoying festivals new to him and exploring traditional cuisine. The other is a proud native who is so attached to his land and its history, that he is constantly embracing its traditions and gastronomy every other day. His passion for the local language, food, and wine is never ending.

The Barcelonian was created with the idea of sharing these true moments of authenticity, the sights, tastes and sounds of Barcelona, with all of its visitors. We have always believed that the best traveling experiences happen when the barrier between local and tourist is broken, when we can be truly immersed in the genuine side of a city. With our passionate guides, we strive to win the hearts of our travelers by allowing them to discover Barcelona in the most authentic way possible, while at the same time, respecting cultures, conservation of traditions, and sustainable tourism. After years of constant research from the time of its establishment, The Barcelonian has designed experiences that will keep bringing you back to live in harmony with the locals, in this largest metropolis of the Mediterranean

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