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Secretos de Barcelona: Tour Barrio Gótico

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Plaça Catalunya – Barcelona
2 Horas
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Descubre las leyendas y los secretos de Barcelona

Incluso si visitó la ciudad 100 veces, no creemos que vaya a conocerla hasta el último detalle.

En esta ciudad mágica hay un número infinito de lugares e historias míticas ocultos. Únase a nosotros en el tour más vendido de The Barcelonian para tener una experiencia virtual de la Barcelona que ninguna otra agencia o guía turístico le mostrará.

Este tour a pie de 2 horas comienza en la Plaza de Cataluña y lo lleva a lo más destacado de la ciudad vieja (Barrio Gótico) con una guía y una aplicación móvil exclusiva que le mostrará imágenes de la década de 1800, exactamente de los mismos lugares que está visitando. Así podrás visualizar el presente y el pasado en este tour.

¿Sin Internet? ¡No hay problema! En este tour también se proporciona Wi-FI gratis.

Tour por el Barrio Gótico

¿Conoce las verdaderas historias de la ciudad? ¿Alguna vez ha visitado el lugar religioso donde las mujeres solteras alguna vez abandonaron a sus bebés recién nacidos?

Camine por las mismas calles que la Vampira de El Raval y descubra la oscura historia de la mujer que se llevó la vida de muchos niños. O quizás quiera ver dónde vivió el verdugo de la ciudad. Retroceda en el tiempo y descubra un día en la vida de Antoni Gaudí, lo que inspiró sus obras y el hospital en el que tomó su último aliento.

Lugares con sus propias historias, como el Pont del Bisbe, el Hospital, las iglesias más antiguas de Barcelona y sus edificios o una de las sinagogas más antiguas de Europa. Edificios que ahora forman parte de la historia, como las torres romanas o el acueducto.

No se pierda esta oportunidad de conocer Barcelona de una manera que ninguna otra agencia o guía turístico puede mostrarle: la auténtica Barcelona.

El Gótico, uno de los barrios más históricos de Barcelona

Barcelona's Modernist Tour

Very informative tour...really enjoyed knowing more about the Modernist!

Carolyn 19 Noviembre 2019
Great Route

Review of: Via Ferrata Climbing Experience "This was very fun. The route was both fun and exciting. We had a great guide who helped us along. Higly recomended"

DayTrip571206 05 Noviembre 2019
Barcelona's Modernist Tour

My tour guide was Jordana. Others were scheduled for the tour but canceled. So I was very fortunate to have a one on one experience with Jordana who ensured that the tour was personalized and met my expectations. And she did not disappoint. In particular, touring the outside of Sagrada Familia, Jord ...

Raymond 24 Septiembre 2019
Barcelona's Modernist Tour

A super experience that really opened up the architectural history of the city. Our guide was very well informed and was also superb as describing each building. This would be a huge benefit is you were visually impaired but also added to the experience for all. I can't recommend this tour enough. A ...

Mik 06 Septiembre 2019
Barcelona's Modernist Tour

There were so many interesting details and places that we would have missed had it not been for this experience.

Patricia 06 Agosto 2019
Barcelona's Wheelchair Accessible Modernist Tour

This experience was incredibly informative and really enjoyable! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a new side of Barcelona which is shrouded in incredible architecture. Our host was incredibly knowledgeable about the modern district of Barcelona and her passion was infectious. Thanks for having me :)

Will 02 Julio 2019
Barcelona's Wheelchair Accessible Modernist Tour

This was a fantastic tour that I highly recommend. I learnt a lot about the modernist buildings in Barcelona and got to see some fantastic architecture. I am a full time wheelchair user and the pace of the tour was great, and I felt like I could stop and rest if I needed to. I used a power attachmen ...

Suzanne 02 Julio 2019

(Translated by Google) I was in Barcelona with some friends a couple of months ago and we decided to take a Tour to get to know the city a bit, we were surprised of all the things that they explained to us, a fantastic people. (Original) Estuve en Barcelona con unos amigos hace un par de meses y dec ...

Ainvar Martinez 10 Mayo 2019

(Translated by Google) My family came from Boston to spend a few days and I booked the Northern Wonders of Catalonia tour and they loved it from start to finish. Each location they went to, the help received and many more things that they told me. I put some pictures that my aunt sent me. Thank you ...

Lola Mento 09 Mayo 2019

(Translated by Google) Some friends came to visit and found this site online, they were delighted! Apart from having tours of different types, not only downtown, the treatment is impeccable, I will definitely recommend it again !! (Original) Unos amigos vinieron de visita y encontraron este sitio po ...

Valerie 09 Mayo 2019

Can't rate this tour company enough. Excellent service and attention to detail, they made a huge effort to cater to our individual needs. The tour was incredible, such an eye opener! Barcelona is an astounding city and our tour with The Barcelonian really added to the experience. Highly recommended ...

Sinead McCormick 09 Mayo 2019
Barcelona Nature Walk

I took the "Barcelona Nature Walk" tour with The Barcelonian back in March, and I could say that it was one of the most unforgettable experiences I had in the city. It really shows how they stand out with the quality of guides and experiences they offer. Our guide Seb was very knowledgable and gave ...

rain man 20 Abril 2019
Our Trip to Barcelona

We were a group of 3 girls travelling to Spain for the first time. We couldn't have picked a better company for our stay. We booked the company for airport transfer. Our driver was very helpful and picked us up on time. Our tour guide Seb was a very good english speaker and was very professional, he ...

Ginane Ladki 15 Abril 2019

I happened to be in Barcelona for the weekend and i wanted to see as much as possible!!i googled the best options and The Barcelonian came up as a suggestion for tours.i did the “Secrets of Barcelona” and i admit that i didnt expect it to be as wonderful as it was!!the guide was professional but ...

Fluffy99 15 Abril 2019

(Translated by Google) I visited Barcelona for a few days and decided to book a title tour. Secrets of Barcelona. Really wonderful experience and very educative .. the guided tour escaped from the established tourist motif and it was really wonderful .. I recommend it unreservedly. (Original) Επι ...

Stratos Christoforides 15 Abril 2019

If you want to experience Barcelona in all it's charm as a local, the Barcelonian is the way to go!

Mohamed Tassabehji 15 Abril 2019

We took a walking tour and couldn't be happier. Strongly recommended. Definitely the best in Barcelona. The tour guide was so friendly and timing was accurate.

Mario Traboulsi 08 Abril 2019
once in a lifetime experience with an AMAZING company

I had booked several different things to do while in Barcelona and loved each one. I started out with the Secrets of Barcelona tour. Jordana was my guide and I was lucky enough to be the only one that time and day so I had a private tour. She was very knowledgable about all the places we saw and I d ...

Kristapilger 05 Marzo 2019
Best Tailored Tour

My friend and I were in Barcelona for a weekend only and wanted to capsulate a tour of the main sites. From the beginning we found the Barcelonian to be super professional, easy to book and use and generally all round friendly and lovely people. Our tour guide asked us what we were particularly inte ...

TallulahTill 02 Febrero 2019
One of the best tours ever!

Our guided tour of the Secrets of Barcelona was absolutely amazing! We learnt about the history of the old town and uncovered secrets that I couldn't even think about. The guides were knowledgeable and had answers to all our questions. A great value for money! I would highly recommend anyone who vi ...

Komal 21 Enero 2019
Loved the tour

The tour was fun and educational. It provided a different perspective of the city while enjoying beautiful views. The hike was not too difficult/challenging. Great value for money!! I highly recommend this Collserola Hiking Tour with the Barcelonian. Very professional as well.

sdargham88 17 Enero 2019
Such a mind-blowing tour!

Today our guide Jordana walked us through the Old city of Barcelona and made us discover facts and secrets we would never even think about. Ive been on other tours before, but never have I witnessed so many quirky and interesting hidden secrets in such a short amount of time. I especially liked the ...

Johan the artist 15 Enero 2019
Via Ferrate tour is excellent

"Great activity and very organized. Beautiful views and a challenging and insipirng climb. Very safe and instructor Albert was very pleasant and patient. A different experience that was well worth doing"

Inspire44943186531 04 Noviembre 2018
Great history of Barcelona and hidden treasures!

Our guided tour of the Collserola tour was such a unique tour to better understand and see the rich history of the City and many hidden gems such as the oldest church in Barcelona. Our guide was such a resource of information and we got see the city from a whole different perspective! I highly recom ...

Erin G 16 Agosto 2018
First time in Barcelona with limited time

We had limited time for our staying and these guys helped us “feeling” Barcelona! So a big thank you for allowing us to experience the authenticity of the city. Additionally I would say that the tour (born tour) was super well organised and not expensive.

Loussine A 11 Agosto 2018
Awesome Tour!

I had a really great time doing the Collserola hiking tour with The Barcelonian. It shows that they go out of their way to give you a different experience from the rest of the tours in Barcelona. I have enjoyed the hike as well as beautiful views of the city from the route , ending the tour with a s ...

YB85 09 Agosto 2018
Un'esperienza meravigliosa

"Era in nostro primo viaggio insieme al mio marito e nostro figlio a Barcelona e volevamo che tutto andasse liscio. Per non perdere il tempo nella ricerca su web di posti da visitare, opinioni dei viaggiatori, ristoranti da provare abbiamo deciso di trovare agenzia che ci avrebbe aiutato con l'og ...

Tamara A 09 Agosto 2018

数多く並んだ世界各国のブースの中でも一際のフレンドリーさで好印象を受けたのがここ、バルセロナ。土地勘を抜群に持ったスタッフに絶大なる信用を覚えました。バルセロナは年間通して抜群の人気を誇る観光地。お客 ...

Natsuko K 06 Agosto 2018
Tour de los Secretos de Barcelona

El tour de los Secretos de Barcelona es un recorrido para todos aquellos interesados en descubrir el lado real de esta mágica ciudad mediterránea. Contar historias que solo los locales sabrían, compartir las leyendas más antiguas de la ciudad y revelar todos sus pequeños secretos.
Lugares y relatos legendarios yacen escondidos en esta increíble ciudad. Secretos de Barcelona es el tour más vendido de The Barcelonian. Tener una experiencia virtual de la Barcelona que ninguna otra agencia o guía turístico le mostrará (mientras se hace el tour andando en plena ciudad), la Barcelona auténtica. Conozca los verdaderos misterios de esta antigua ciudad a través de nuestra aplicación móvil exclusiva, donde le llevaremos atrás en el tiempo. ¡WiFi incluido de forma gratuita en este tour!

Ciutat Vella es un distrito de Barcelona, numerado Distrito 1. El nombre significa “ciudad antigua” en catalán y se refiere a los barrios más antiguos de la ciudad de Barcelona. Ciutat Vella está enclavada entre el mar Mediterráneo y el barrio llamado l’Eixample, es considerado como el centro de la ciudad.
En este recorrido le llevamos a dos de los barrios de Ciutat Vella. El primero de ellos es el Barrio Gótico, que presenta una fusión de edificios que datan de la época romana hasta el siglo XX.
El segundo barrio es El Raval, el cual forma parte del desarrollo de la segunda etapa de la histórica Barcelona y también fue conocido como el barrio rojo de la ciudad.
En The Barcelonian creemos en el turismo sostenible y la autenticidad, lo logramos con grupos pequeños. Nuestro tour de Secretos de Barcelona nunca es mayor a 20 personas por grupo y solo ofrecemos este tour único dos veces por semana, los martes y sábados a las 9:30 am.
¿Por qué?
Como líderes del sector, podemos ofrecerle lo que merece: Grupos pequeños: Basta de grandes grupos. Descubre Barcelona en un grupo pequeño y discreto para aprovechar al máximo la experiencia. Fuera de los caminos normales: además de mostrarle las vistas más conocidas, tenemos algunas gemas ocultas en nuestro bolsillo que no aparecen en ninguna guía de viaje, que seguramente le dejarán una impresión duradera. Revelamos el corazón de la ciudad para que se sientas parte de ella. Tours que incluyen opciones para comer y una amplia gama de otras opciones. Barcelona, en un solo click: Obtendrá acceso exclusivo a nuestra aplicación oficial, donde, con una amplia gama de opciones, podrá obtener información del tour en tiempo real, ver fotos y videos exclusivos, obtener más información sobre secretos. puntos, recopilar información y consultar mapas interactivos que puede compartir más tarde con familiares y amigos. Wi-Fi gratuito durante el recorrido: haciendo desaparecer la distancia. Si sus seres queridos no pudieron acompañarlo, permítales compartir lo que está viendo en vivo en su tour.

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