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Spain's Most Romantic Getaways

29 March 2022

How to fall in love again in true Spanish style

Be it a honeymoon, a birthday, an anniversary or for the mere sake of soulful bonding – travel is essential in keeping relationships vitalized and exciting. We are talking to all the lovers of the world out there; for all of those wishing to immerse themselves in a romantic setting that complements the mood of their stay – we got you covered! In this blogpost we will go over some of the most romantic corners in Spain, offering you an ultimate trip for lovers!

Spain is fairly considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, offering numerous destinations fitting for almost any occasion. When it comes to a romantic trip, though, it caters to everyone: the calm couple who just want to bask in a fairytale romance setting, the foodie couple who like to try anything in this foodie paradise, or the adrenaline-driven couple who like to go on all sorts of crazy adventures together. We’re telling you, Spain’s got it all – but let’s dive into some of its best romantic locations:

We start with the most popular romantic city in Spain, home to the “fairytale honeymoon experiences”. From castles to plazas bursting with water fountain sounds, and warm colored alleyways filled with Spanish guitar musicians and flamenco dancers – and we didn’t even mention the horse carriage rides circling the city yet! Do not miss out on the breathtaking Plaza de Espana, as it is a must-see in both daylight and nighttime settings. It seems like this city is cut straight out of the conventional romance film – except it’s as real as it gets; and all that’s left for you to do is to book your next romantic adventure in this picturesque city.

The capital of Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to a romantic getaway, starting with museums and galleries for the “artsy and intellectual couple”. Filled with romantic dining spots where you can book a table for two and enjoy an unforgettable candlelit dinner. The city also offers picturesque places such as Retiro Park, where couples can rent a rowing boat and enjoy some alone time in nature.

Proudly, we call this metropolitan city our home, as this place is absolutely for everyone! Lovers included – and here’s why: the city is a chill cultural retreat within itself. Here, you could find yourself enjoying a romantic stroll by the sea, a romantic stroll amidst artistic structures and museums, or a romantic stroll from a café to candlelit restaurants with Catalan Cava… you get the picture.

Sunset walks and moonlit talks, here’s one of the best places to do just that! Stroll along the Alhambra Palace as the sun sets and shifts the color tones of the entire city. This is one of the best places for couples to experience “a humble romance” – we’re talking blanket, a picnic basket and a chilled bottle of wine. What sounds better than that? The aromatic smell of roses fills the gardens of Generalife, a summer palace and country estate of the past emirate.

Live a real-life fairytale fantasy in a town that is home to the castle that inspired the one in Cinderella, the Alcazar Palace. For the couples that enjoy historical sights and ancient architecture, this is the old town for you! Segovia’s romantic charm reflects in its maze of narrow cobblestone roads, historical plazas and breathtaking gardens.

Welcoming beaches, delicious food and exquisite wines await couples who are in it for the good time! This place is the perfect island getaway filled with a great deal of adventure and discovery – we’re talking water activities, hikes and dancing in the middle of the street on any given day of the week. Mallorca is known for being the heart of the party – as well as a soothing beach paradise with white sands and pine scented breeze.

Calm, ancient and dazzlingly romantic – stepping into this city feels like being transported back in time! Cobblestone streets that twist down to the river, medieval castles atop green hills and cozy restaurants spread between ancient walls – not to mention the cultural diversity that this place has collected over the ages. For the couples that enjoy trips to churches, synagogues, mosques and historical museums: do not miss out on the beautiful city of Toledo.

Foodie couples beware! Arguably the best seafood in the world is here, offering couples an aphrodisiac touch to their romantic stay in a windswept city filled with breathtaking nature and deserted beaches. On a more urban note: cathedrals, castles and plazas could be visited and enjoyed too – as well as more seafood, of course!

Jerez de la Frontera
It seems like this place is the perfect embodiment of “the Spanish experience”: Flamenco dancing, Spanish music, wine and horseback riding… The place even offers magical show spectacles at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, where the horses, themselves, dance. Old bars and underground cellars are common to find in this city, where everything, including the buildings, seems to belong on a postcard.

There you have it! Some of the most perfect cities and towns across Spain for those looking for a nice romantic getaway. What are you waiting for? Book your lover the trip to Spain they deserve!   

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