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The Michelin Stars of Spain

19 October 2021

Places to dine and wine like a true star

Spain is known to have some of the best culinary experiences in the world. With signature dishes such as Paella, gazpacho and the variety flavors of tapas, it isn’t a big shock to learn that a lot of people visit the country just for the food! Foodies seem to always have a well-rounded and satisfactory experience when visiting Spanish restaurants – and it does help to learn their ways: They follow the stars! Michelin stars of course.

Michelin stars are a rating system for restaurants and their quality, used by the red Michelin Guide. The categories are quite simple:

1 Michelin Star = a very good restaurant

2 Michelin Stars = excellent cooking that is worth a detour

3 Michelin Stars = exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey

On this list we’ll be covering a Michelin star rated restaurant from each Spanish region (the 17 autonomous communities of Spain). So journey with us over these unique culinary experiences and learn more about these precious gems across the entire country.

1-     Aponiente (Andalusia)

Located on the western coast of Andalusia, and is renowned for its self-proclaimed “Cuisine of the unknown sea”. With the creatively put dishes and fantasy designs of Ángel León, the gastronomic visionary behind the place – prepare to immerse yourself in a one of a kind experience. The place has a Green Michelin star for gastronomy and sustainability, and is known for being an extremely comfortable restaurant that keeps guests delighted for their stay.

Address: Francisco Cossi Ochoa, El Puerto de Santa María, 11500, Spain
Rating: 3 Michelin Stars
Average price: 215 EUR

2-     El Celler de Can Roca (Catalonia)

Welcome to the marvelous creation of the three Roca brothers, where each brother covers his own specialty at the restaurant (Joan creates delicious savory dishes, Jordi works on masterpiece desserts and Josep is a pro sommelier). This place is known for its innovative cuisine that also raises awareness on sustainability and the challenges we face because of climate change. El Celler is committed to sustainable gastronomy, taking initiatives such as glass upcycling workshops and planting their own vegetable garden.

Address: Can Sunyer 48, Girona, 17007, Spain
Rating: 3 Michelin Star
Average price: 190 – 350 EUR

3-     DiverXO (Madrid)

Hedonists rejoice! The world of David Muñoz, a celebrity chef with ground-breaking methods of cooking, invites your taste buds on an exceptional journey of discovery.

Address: Padre Damián 23, Madrid, 28036, Spain
Rating: 3 Michelin Star
Average price: 190 – 350 EUR

4-     Quique Dacosta (Valencia)

This Mediterranean villa with unique avant-garde design offers a very well lit atmosphere filled with the delicious and innovative dishes of culinary genius Quique Dacosta. He is known for offering unique gastronomic experiences with an exceptionally creative take.

Address: Rascassa 1, Dénia, 03700, Spain
Rating: 3 Michelin Star
Average price: 210 EUR

5-     Culler de Pau (Galicia)

Clever culinary ideas – check, skillfully constructed and creatively put dishes – check, a gorgeous view of the estuary – check! It might sound like a lot, but this large-windowed dining hall is a minimalist creation that showcases flavorful cooking and has visitors connect with pure emotion. The place also received a Michelin green star for gastronomy and sustainability.

Address: Reboredo 73, O Grove, 36980, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 95 – 150 EUR

6-     Refectorio (Castile and León)

An extremely comfortable setting with contemporary décor, the refectory is where the monks used to eat – and now is a well-refined flavor house full of imaginative and skillfully made dishes. This place is known for having an excellent wine list and a Michelin green star for gastronomy and sustainability.

Address: Carretera N 122, Sardón de Duero, 47340, Spain
Rating: 1 Michelin Star
Average price: 135 – 175 EUR

7-     Azurmendi (Basque Country)

Located on the green hillsides of the Basque country, this glass walled restaurant offers a great view of nature as well as a personalized cuisine experience. Dedicated to innovative cooking and sustainable approaches, Azurmendi offers a txakoli wine cellar for you to choose from and a vegetable garden that amazes every visiting eye.

Address: Legina Auzoa, Larrabetzu, 48195, Spain
Rating: 3 Michelin Star
Average price: 250 EUR

8-     Maralba (Castilla-La Mancha)

This restaurant knows all about pairings, mixing the greatest of La Mancha flavors with creative cuisine. With a striking glass-fronted wine cellar, this tranquil setting will surely have you comfortable and enjoying some great food.

Address: Violeta Parra 5, Almansa, 02640, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 56 – 96 EUR

9-     M.B (Canary Islands)

A well-rounded experience awaits you at M.B, where the cuisine is overseen by the great chef Martín Berasategui, with a luxurious setting and an attentive service like no other. Skillfully prepared dishes, made from top-notch ingredients, await you at this delightful place.

Address: Carretera TF 47, Guía de Isora, 38687, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 105 – 183 EUR 

10-  Cabaña Buenavista (Murcia)

Situated in a green and natural setting, this restaurant takes the form of a large conical hut with an African thatch roof. Relaxing views, meticulous cuisine and a brightly lit atmosphere await you here.

Address: Urbanización Buenavista, El Palmar, 30120, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 70 – 140 EUR

11-  Tatau (Aragon)

Located in the center of Huesca, this gastro-bar combines haute-cuisine techniques with traditional aesthetic approaches – with an open kitchen behind the bar taking center stage and allowing guests to be part of the preparation process of tapas and other fusion dishes. This simple restaurant does require that you book for the tasting menu in advance, so make sure you do that.

Address: Azara, Huesca, 22002, Spain
Rating: 1 Michelin Star
Average price: 60 – 100 EUR


12-  Atrio (Extremadura) 

This luxurious restaurant pairs historical richness with contemporary design. With a kitchen and wine cellar that could be visited by guests, Atrio’s innovative cuisine will have you indulged with extraordinary flavors and superb culinary experiences.

Address: Plaza San Mateo 1, Cáceres, 10003, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 185 EUR


13-  Béns d'Avall (Balearic Islands)

Right in the heart of the Tramontana mountains sits this restaurant with an amazing terrace setting overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from atop a cliff. Béns d'Avall provides great traditional Mallorcan cooking through superb contemporary techniques.  

Address: Urbanización Costa de Deià, Sóller, 07100, Spain
Rating: 1 Michelin Star
Average price: 60 – 80 EUR

14-  Casa Marcial (Asturias)

Nacho Manzano, the chef behind this fusion menu of traditional and innovative approaches, had spent his childhood in the delightful mansion that is now the restaurant. With distinct flavors showcasing culinary origins of the Asturias region such as fish cooked to perfection.

Address: La Salgar, La Salgar, 33549, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 75 – 165 EUR


15-  El Molino de Urdániz (Navarre)

Located next to the river Arga, this stone structure restaurant is known for its elegant and rustic design interior, with two dining rooms of which one is for the tasting menu. Innovative touches of fine textures with a primary focus on the use of local produce makes El Molino an exclusive destination.

Address: Carretera N 135, Urdaitz, 31698, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 120 EUR

16-  Cenador de Amós (Cantabria)

A well contrasting traditional and contemporary shines bright in this 18th century palatial structure. Fully Cantabrian flavors blend with the chef’s commitment to the use of local products, his lifestyle and out-of-the-box creativity. Known for thir extraordinary bread making.

Address: Plaza del Sol 15, Villaverde de Pontones, 39793, Spain
Rating: 3 Michelin Star
Average price: 187 – 210 EUR

17-  El Portal (La Rioja)

With a single tasting menu to work around, El Portal is situated in the heart of Rioja, Spain’s famous wine region (check out our list of Spanish destinations for autumn here, where La Rioja makes the list). With the works of a master chef who blends traditional with creative innovativeness, breaking taboos with a bold approach and transforming the fusion into superb delicacies.

Address: Padre José García 19, Ezcaray, 26280, Spain
Rating: 2 Michelin Star
Average price: 150 EUR


There you have it! 17 Michelin Star restaurants over the 17 regions of the gorgeous country of Spain. Whenever you find yourself visiting or touring Spain and wanting to indulge in a great meal, you can just follow the stars!



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