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The Best Family Getaways in Spain

12 October 2021

Spain's top spots for families this autumn

Who said that fun is always in the sun? Your autumns deserve to be filled with good times just as much as the warmer seasons! To a lot of people, Spain is not the first place that comes to mind when considering a trip during fall season – and though they do make a good point, granted the country is a Mediterranean paradise from mid spring till the very last breath of summer, they're also hugely mistaken! Spain, in fact, is a great year-round destination for family holidays, filled with outdoor fun and festivals that are suitable for all ages and styles of travel. Together, we will go on a virtual tour from home, visiting Spain’s best spots for you and your family to be in this fall. When it comes to fall, few people know that it is in fact one of the best seasons to visit Spain. With the summer crowds thinning and the scorching temperatures dropping down to sensible degrees, Spain offers breathtaking landscapes and spectacular festivals for you to be a part of during the months of autumn. Rural Spain brings great harvest seasons with the finest quality grapes (plus their wines to be tasted!) and the most enticing mushroom hunts, while the urban life brings music and film festivals, as well as awesome shopping experiences that’ll prep you for a superb Christmas. This is the time to gather around a fireplace, roast chestnuts and enjoy a view of yellow and orange forests lain with a carpet of crackling russet leaves, and the place to be is surely Spain! Here are some amazing places in Spain you must take your family to this autumn: 

1-     La Rioja

Welcome to the winemaking region of Spain, a province in the northern part of the country filled with picturesque vineyards and world-renowned local wineries. Subdivided into three zones, with each responsible for harvesting different types of grapes that ultimately blend together and produce some of the world’s finest wine. Harvesting for wine in this region stretches back to ancient lineages of the Phoenicians and Celtiberians, making the province a deeply rooted historical land with mastered traditional crafts. Vast auburn fields full of low yet concentrated yields fill the fertile lands of La Rioja. This authentic yet sophisticated region in Spain awaits your taste buds this fall season.

2-     Mallorca

Mallorca, the crown jewel of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is a great place for you and your family to be this autumn. The temperate season on the island has the sun shining on long days without casting a wave of sweltering heat. Fall in Mallorca is all about doing some exciting outdoor activities that’ll get you to learn more about the culture as well as have a real good time. You can enjoy the harvest season (which starts at the beginning of autumn) with festivals and celebrations relating to the collection of mushrooms, almonds, pine nuts and grapes – your family will enjoy the freshest of produce incorporated into traditional Mallorcan cooking. Seventy wineries across the island await your visit up the wine trail, where you can witness annual grape picking too. You can cycle, you can hike mountains, you can play some golf – you can even go to the beach and enjoy your day by the beautiful shore! More adventurous activities could be done while in Mallorca, including a hot-air balloon ride which gets 1650 feet (500 meters) up over the Mediterranean – overlooking the dramatically formed mountain ranges and gorgeous autumn colors on land; as well as climbing, abseiling and cave visiting for the thrill-seeking people out there. Fall is a time for festivals, concerts, fine art exhibits and artistic performances all over the island of Mallorca – so for every dance, film, music and art lover out there: you know where to go!

3-     Seville

The capital and largest city of the Andalusia autonomous community of Spain, Seville is a historical city that should not be missed out during your autumn tour of Spain. Frequent sunny days and rare rainfall eases your stay in the city during this season. With excellent local cuisine, captivating dance performances and gorgeous streets filled with remarkably designed buildings and cathedrals, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this stunning city! Make sure to visit places like the Catedral de Sevilla, La Giralda, Royal Alcazar of Seville, Palacio de San Telmo and Plaza de Espana – and that’s just to name a few! The month of October brings various festivals and dance shows all around the city, with events like the Noche en Blanco and Festival de las Naciones – so make sure to catch those if you were there during that month, or just do yourself a favor and look for the nearest Flamenco show (a cultural gem of Seville). The list goes on when it comes to the breathtaking city of Seville, a historical emblem rich with culture and an overall good time!

4-     El Retiro Park in Madrid

Known to be the most popular park of Madrid, this attractive location surely has some good times in store for you and your family. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site just recently on the 25th of July, 2021 – Retiro park is a green space rich with exhibitions, lakes and beautiful structures.  You can cycle, walk, do some outdoor physical activity exercises – or just relax with the family for a lovely picnic in the cinematic mood that the park ia known for during the months of autumn. Kids could catch one of the weekly puppet shows conducted at the park’s Teatro de Títeres, while adults enjoy the historical monumental structures spread across the park, or a lovely bite and drink at the park’s restaurant.


5-     San Sebastián

Not the most "kid-friendly" of places, but Halloween does come once a year on the last day of October, and there’s no better place to experience it than with Spanish style in Donostia’s San Sebastián! The Horror & Fantasy Film Festival is a spooky celebration that no horror fan should ever miss. The city also appeals to the foodies of the world during the month of October with its annual Gastronomika Festival which features the works of culinary experts and top chefs of the world. Be ready to be part of a big crowd in this festival, as more than 13,000 attendees are expected annually. From a good time scare to great culinary care, San Sebastián is sure to give you an October to remember forever.

When you find yourself planning an autumn trip, make sure to have Spain at the top of your list and to include a tour of the above destinations to ensure a fall vacation to remember!

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